Already for the sixth season (since 2012) Latvian Fund for Nature is deploying online webcams at nests of protected bird species for educational and research purposes. In 2017 we are going to maintain camera at Durbe White-tailed Eagle nest, nests of Black stork and Goshawk.

WHITE-TAILED EAGLE (Haliaeetus albicilla)

The nest of White-tailed eagle is located in W part of Latvia in Durbe County. It is known as White-tailed eagle nesting area since 2014. This nest is interesting with its location in the spruce tree. It is only fourth historically known nest in Latvia that is built in spruce (roughly half of all nests are built in pine trees, one third – in aspen trees, one tenth – in birch trees; more seldom spruce, oak and black alder is chosen). “Spruce nests” are usually built on such broken tops and are located high above the ground (in this case roughly 25 meters) – the highest nest of White tailed eagle in Latvia is located 31,5 meters above the ground and is built in spruce as well. Camera was installed in winter 2015.

The White-tailed eagles lay eggs (1-3) in the end of February or in the first weeks of March (in rare cases it happens as late as in early April). Incubation usually lasts for 38 days; the young birds are going in their first flight in the age of 2 and a half months.

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NORTHERN GOSHAWK (Accipiter gentilis)

The nest is located in capital of Latvia - Riga, in urban vicinity. Nest was found in 2013, build in the poplar tree.

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BLACK STORK (Ciconia nigra)

Black Stork webcam nest is located in Zemgale, in region between towns of Jaunjelgava and Jēkabpils and village of Ērberģe. Nest tree is an oak, situated on the bank of small river in an old growth forest. Nest was found in year 2013, and since 2015 equipped with webcam. In both years - 2015 and 2016 - two youngsters were raised in this nest.

Black storks in Latvia return in the end of March - April. In the winter 2016/2017 two main branches of the nest tree were broken.

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OSPREY(Pandion haliaetus) 

Osprey nest is located in Vidzeme, Latvia. It is known as Osprey nesting area since 2011. The male of this nest was ringed as an ospret in 2008, in a nest 97 km away. Female has no rings, so nothing is known about her.

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GREAT BITTERN (Botaurus stellaris) - live stream ended

The great bittern nest in Latvia is located in the reedbeds in W part of Latvia in Tukuma County. The nest was found on May 11th, 2016 with five eggs in it.

The species has only one brood a year, 3-7 eggs are laid in April-May and the hatching time is 25to 26 days. The female is the only one to feed the young. The species starts incubating after the first egg is laid, thus the chicken’s age in one nest can differ by 2-3 days. After hatching, the chicks spend about two weeks in the nest and then disperse amongst the reeds.

The video can be discussed in forum in latvian and forum in English.

The web camera is installed within the project “Restoration of Bittern habitats in two coastal lakes in Latvia” (COASTLAKE LIFE12 NAT/LV/000118). The project is financed by European Commission LIFE+ program and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund. Transmission of data is provided by courtesy of LMT; Jānis Rudzītis made the audio installation in Latvia; Jānis Ķuze, Roberts Šiliņš, Jānis Reihmanis, Māris Maskalāns and Zane Kuriloviča helped to install the system in Latvia.


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