A.1. Collection of pre-restoration data

Vegetation assessment and soil analysis will be performed prior to the habitat restoration measures in all project sites. Approximately 120 locations will be visited (each consisting of ca 5 ha plot planned for restoration). Visits will be done during the first and second year of the project implementation. Experts will assess the quality of the grassland, outline the precise locations for restoration actions, and take soil samples. In addition, the inventory of invertebrates (Carabidae) will be done on 10 selected locations.

Later on, the pre-restoration data will be compared with the data collected in after-restoration inventories (action D.1), to enable us to document the progress and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of restoration measures.

Data gathered in this action will form the basis for development of the restoration plans in action A.2 and providing the base values for monitoring of the impact of restoration in actions D.1, D.2 and D.3.