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We are living in a time where everybody has to take care of themselves. There are even three pension levels to go through to have a secure retirement. But who will ensure that for a black stork struggling to survive and feed its young or wild orchids that sometimes bloom only once and in the tenth year of their existence? Who will volunteer to be an advocate for corncrakes, to protect the only floodplain spot left by the riverside from egoistical human desires to build a house there and afterwards blame all the institutions for the natural floods occurring every spring?

If you wish that your children and grandchildren have a future of meadows filled with the smell of flowers, real natural landscapes and bird voices and if you care about natural biodiversity in Latvia and you cannot watch indifferently as absurdities happen so often, we ask you to join!

Private donations and corporate contributions will be a significant support. Both will give the Latvian Fund for Nature more opportunities to take unselfish actions for the conservation of biodiversity and public education. Please donate today and help encourage people around you to care for the wild nature in Latvia.

Our live streams from the life of birds are only possible thanks to a group of volunteers and your financial support. 


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For more information please write to or call + 371 67830999.

The „LATVIAN FUND FOR NATURE” has been granted Public benefit organization status.