The History of the LFN

The Latvian Fund for Nature (LFN) is a non-governmental organisation that was founded in 1990. Initially the Fund was called „Gandra fonds” (Gandrs’ Fund; Gandrs is the Latvian name for the Black Stork) and in 1991 it was changed to „Latvijas Fonds dabai” (Latvian Fund for Nature). However a year later, in 1992, the Board of the Fund approved the present title of „Latvijas Dabas fonds” with the same translation into English – Latvian Fund for Nature.  List of Founders

LFN was established with the goal of developing conservation projects for rare and endangered species and for special areas of conservation by attracting funding for these projects and ensuring their implementation.

During the first years the main attention was given to the conservation of special species, but when the experience in development and implementation of projects was gained, the priority of the LFN became integrated nature conservation projects.

Since the very beginning the mission of the Latvian Fund for Nature was clearly stated: maintenance of the biological diversity of nature in Latvia.

Each year the Latvian Fund for Nature implements more than 10 different nature conservation and protection projects. Every year an annual Report of the Latvian Fund for Nature is prepared with information about projects implemented by the LFN in that year.

The LFN annual Reports are available here. Information on current projects is in the section “Projects”.