A.2. Technical planning - restoration plans and farm management plans

120 restoration plans will be produced in this action, one for each restoration location. This number might be adjusted, based on the conclusions and data gathered in action A.1. The restoration plans will contain the following information: 1) description of habitat goals for the priority grassland habitats on each location; 2) description of restoration actions needed to reach those goals; 3) detailed maps for restoration actions; 4) description of after-restoration management. Restoration plans will serve as a guiding tool for restoration actions C.1, C.2 and C.3 and will form the basis for producing the after-LIFE conservation plan in F.2.

Farm management plans will be produced for 10 selected farms in the project. They will focus on the business opportunities in the project grasslands, and offer tangible business solutions, supported by the calculations of the costs and profit. They will also assess the innovative approached in farm management and integration of ecosystem services concept into the business. They will be based on the ideas and products developed within action A.6.