A.3. Communication with stakeholders, procurements and permits

This is a technical support action, designed to assist in the following processes: 1) recruitment of the restoration areas for mobile grazing units in action C.3; 2) regular communication to stakeholders; 3) obtaining necessary permits for habitat restoration; 4) conducting the necessary procurement procedures.

We are strongly committed to implementing the green procurement principles in the project and abiding to the following criteria:
• Transport. The use of hybrid or electric cars will be considered, if possible.
• Office supplies, paper. Use of products with low ecological footprint, use of eco-certified products, and consideration of the life-cycle costs will be prioritised.
• Catering and food. Use of organic products only will be considered in the project.
• We will address also the issue of life-cycle costs when procuring the equipment, to ensure that the purchases are sustainable.

At the beginning of the project, we will perform the market screening, to identify providers and products that are most applicable to the principles defined in the Green Public Procurement Plan.

Another important element in organising the procurements, will be a principle to hire local contractors, wherever possible. Although this approach will require more personnel capacity to manage a higher number of local procurements, we are confident that this is a best approach, to be environmentally and socially responsible and deliver not only environmental, but also socio-economic improvements.