Internship at Latvian Fund for Nature: grassland habitat inventory and management


Latvian Fund for Nature offers four internship positions in the spring/summer of 2023 for natural sciences Bachelor students interested in working with grassland habitat inventories, monitoring and management. Interns will have an opportunity to participate in the WoodMeadowLIFE, LIFE MarshMeadows and other projects dealing with EU grassland habitats.

Interns will be provided with the initial training in plant identification upon starting the internship and afterwards tasked with independent work under the supervision of an experienced grassland habitat expert. The work will involve intensive fieldwork, working outdoors in various weather conditions (preparation of vegetation descriptions; soil sampling; mapping and marking of trees, bushes and other landscape elements that should be saved during restoration works; removal of invasive species; seed collection; distribution of green-hay, an inspection of fences on grazing sites etc.). We will provide interns with means of transport and will cover the transport and accommodation costs while working in the field (if Erasmus or other scholarships would not cover those costs).

We offer a unique opportunity to participate in the hands-on habitat management and restoration work and become a part of a grassland restoration and management team. The interns will acquire practical skills in identifying grassland plant species, mapping and identifying EU grassland habitats, management planning and monitoring.

More information about the position here.
Deadline to apply: 20 January 2023.