Restoration of natural riverbed of Dviete


After preparation works during almost four years, one of the key actions of LIFE+ project DVIETE - restoration of historical riverbed of Dviete - had been initiated in January 2015.

Firstly the beaver dams, located in the river and in an inflowing ditch, were removed in order to decrease water level. Deepening of Dviete oxbows started in January 22, using relatively small and light excavator with wide caterpillars. Digging of natural curves in the upper part of the section, planned for restoration - two meanders of the old riverbed with a total length of about 900 meters at the right bank of the straightened river near Putnu sala - was completed till the end of January.

In February restoration works continued at the left bank of Dviete river at Zariņu sala, where deepening of the oxbow meander was completed till the end of the month within the whole planned length (about 800 m) - till the inflow in Skuķu lake. Here the restored riverbed was connected with the straightened one at once, thus letting the stream in the meandering bed.

Further three dams will be arranged in the straightened riverbed to direct the stream in the restored historical bed, and a ford will be built for grassland management machinery.

Restoration works are documented by Elm Media team; video materials will be included in the documentary film of the project.

Restoration works of the Dviete river are performed by „FEAS” Ltd and monitored by „BaltLine Globe” Ltd. Construction is done according to the technical project, elaborated by State Ltd „Meliorprojekts”.

Ilze Priedniece, Latvian Fund for Nature