C.2. Setting up long-term grassland management

For all project target grasslands, grazing is the most (or, in case of habitat 6270*, the only) appropriate management method. Setting up new grazing systems or restarting those abandoned more than 10 years ago require investments and funds that small farms do not have. In GrassLIFE, we plan to help them, for the benefit of priority grassland habitats that will be otherwise lost. The grazing structures are of utmost importance for ensuring the long term management of the restored grasslands, and for integrating them into daily farming practices. Grazing in many sites will have to be complemented with mowing, at least for several years, to remove excessive nutrients from the grasslands.

This action involves setting up and expanding the grazing structures in project partner farms. All investments are targeted at overcoming the obstacles that have prevented the return of the grasslands into the farming practice. Actions include building of fences, purchase of cattle, and acquiring machinery that is necessary for the management.