C.3. Mobile grazing units

The main focus of this action is to restore and save those priority grasslands that cannot be integrated into the farming practices, due to their difficult accessibility, small size or remote location. Those are the grasslands that are currently not managed, and will be lost, if no action is taken now. Restoration in this action will be performed with the help of mobile grazing units, in all project sites, focusing on locations that are important for grassland connectivity (as identified with the help of grassland connectivity model done in action A.5, and prescribed in restoration plans prepared in action A.2). We plan to restore 600 ha within this action.

This approach has been identified as the best solution to ensure that we address the most important grasslands with our restoration measures. The restoration areas to be chosen for this action will comply with the following criteria:

  • Represents one of the project target habitats (6120*, 6210*, 6230*, 6270* or 6530*).
  • A single restoration site has at least 3 ha of grasslands to be restored.
  • The area is located in one of the 14 project sites, Natura 2000.
  • The area is identified as important for the connectivity of the habitat.
  • The landowner has agreed to the measure and confirms that he/she will continue the management of the restored habitat for at least 20 years.
  • The necessary restoration activities comply with the site management plan.

This action is an innovation on Latvian, Baltic, and (to some extent, in regards to covering the whole country) on the EU scale.