C.4. Demonstration farm - restoration, testing of methods, and setting up the grazing

Farm “Krastiņi” will serve as a demonstration farm for the project, thus we plan to implement a wide range of restoration actions on this farm, including testing of some pilot methods. The farm currently manages (by grazing and hay moving) mosaic landscape where the largest part of the area is occupied by priority grasslands 6530*, 6210*, 6270*. We plan to restore 45 ha of habitat 6530*, and 7 ha of 6210* and expand the grazing areas. Demonstration farm is located in the national priority area for habitat 6530*. Therefore, the farm is ideally placed for demonstration of the restoration methods. The farm is growing meat cattle and bees, thus we have a possibility to demonstrate two grassland related products (meat and honey) on this farm. The involvement in the project and assigning the status of demonstration farm for GrassLIFE will allow the farm to develop a network of visitors, thus expanding this rural economy aspect, but with a specific focus on biodiversity.