D.4. Evaluation of methods, lessons learned

The yearly monitoring reports will be produced for the demonstration farm and they will be a key component in the demonstration work at the farm (E.2). They will be produced in Latvian and their extracts translated to English.

Donor site database. On the basis of findings in action A.1 and C.1, we will develop a database of available donor sites for grassland restoration in the project sites (for seed transfer method). The floristic criteria for evaluation of grassland donor potential will be developed.

Easy to use guidelines and toolkit with restoration methods for farmers will be produced in this action. They will be based on findings in actions D.1, D.2 and D.3. They will be further used and distributed in farmer events, demonstration farm (E.2) and networking (E.4 and E.5). The toolkit will contain easy-to-read description of the grassland types, restoration methods and pros and cons for each management method.

The recommendations to the Rural Development Programme will be produced in this action, based on conclusions from the process of evaluation of the methods in D.2 and barrier analysis in A.7. The recommendations will contain the assessment of the most appropriate support measures to be included in the agri-environmental support and assessment on their costs, thus support levels. The recommendations will be produced by 2020, and submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture. A summary version of the recommendations will be produced and translated into English, for distribution in E.4 and E.5.