E.1. Implementing the communication plan

A wide range of communication activities will be performed in this action, when implementing the communication plan. The main goal of the action is to raise the awareness about grasslands, to mobilize society in taking actions to save grasslands, and recognise the importance of Natura 2000. We have identified the main elements of this action, as listed below.

Information packages: We will develop three different info-packages that will emphasize 1) grassland beauty, 2) grassland usefulness to people (with link to findings from action D.3), 3) grassland as habitats. The precise communication tools to be included into those packages will be developed in action A.4.

Campaigns: We will organise three major campaigns in the project. We will produce a high quality video material, photos, and stories. Campaigns will consist of traditional and social media components.

Public outdoor events: We will organise eight public outdoor events. Three of them will be linked to the above mentioned information packages. Other five will be linked to other grassland issues, hay-making traditions, cultural significance of grasslands, Midsummer traditions etc.

Notice boards and rollups: We will produce 20 larger general notice boards (A0x2) with info about site nature values, grassland importance for people and Natura 2000. We will set up the temporary notice boards (A.3 size) in all locations where we perform the restoration. They will contain short information about the project, LIFE and rationale for restoration. Notice boards for mobile grazing units (A2 size) will be produced, easy to install and move around with the herds.

Website: The project website will be set up and linked with sub-sites in the homepages of project partners. Website will have a storage function mainly, as a reference site and message board. Most of the active communication will be done via social media.

Social media: The most active - main project communication channel will be GrassLIFE accounts in social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and they will mirror all project activities in an attractive and inclusive way, in Latvian and English.

Layman’s Report: The obligatory Layman’s Report will be produced at the end of the project, and it will be published in the electronic version only.