E.3. Promoting grassland products and services

This activity will produce tools for promoting grassland products and services. Their distribution will be done via actions E.1, E.2 and E.5.

Toolkit of grassland products will be prepared and published electronically - the toolkit of ideas for grassland products. It will be based on study in action A.6 and feature 10-20 grassland products with high added value. Several of the promoted grassland products will be featured on our project farms, e.g. honey, cheese, meat, but not all. We will expand the list of products beyond our project farms, to have a complete set of products.

A summary on grassland related ecosystem services will be prepared, based on study in A.6. This publication will be promoted via social media, and at the project events.

Animated movies about grasslands and ecosystem services will be prepared, telling the story about grassland ecosystem services in Latvian and English. They will explain and demonstrate semi-natural grasslands, their importance for biodiversity and a multitude of ecosystem services provided by them.

An art exposition on grasslands and medicinal plants will be set up in Cēsis. The goal of the exposition is to breach the distance between nature conservation messages and culture/art.