Dutch nature NGOs sound the alarm


Dutch nature protection organisations "Natuurmonumenten” and " Vogelbescherming " have sounded the alarm and turned to their fellow countryman, EU Commissioner Frans Timmermans with a cry for help to protect the incredibly beautiful European nature and prevent fading of achievements in the field of nature protection.

The Dutchman Frans Timmermans is the First Vice-President of the EU Commission, and his office's major challenge is to simplify and improve the European legislation system which can include revising environmental legislation too. While acknowledging the idea generally is admirable, the NGOs also see threats to nature conservation that could lead to environmental disaster in the future. The organisations have warned that removal of certain European Union normative documents can seriously harm the environment and lead to losing currently attained progress.

Nature protection organisations point out that exactly in the time of economic hardship European Union regulations that help protect nature from destruction due to short-term interests are most essential. They must help defend natural treasures for future generations, the announcement emphasizes, and reminds that, e.g., the  white-tailed eagle would be gone from the Netherlands if not for the directives.

European nature legislation ensures that nature does not fall victim to random, focused on short-term gain, planning. "No more just a highway through the last primeval forest in Poland. No more just another hotel at the expense of the rare Eurasian spoonbill colony in the dunes," accent the "Natuurmuonumenten" and "Vogelbescherming" organisation representatives.

" Natuurmonumenten" organisation website https://www.natuurmonumenten.nl/

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