Request for consultant services for producing a desk study on grasslands, biodiversity and business, GrassLIFE: LIFE16NAT/LV/262, project action A.6


The tender is closed, and the contract will be signed with Traci Birge (Finland).

Latvian Fund for Nature is looking for a consultant to assist the GrassLIFE project in producing a desk study on grasslands, biodiversity and business. Please find the full description of the task (technical specification) and requirements for the consultant here.
Deadline for completing the study: 15 March 2019.

Consultants are asked to provide the following documentation when applying with the bid:

  • CV confirming the experience of the expert in the field
  • Short description of the proposed methodology to undertake the study (including sub-tasks 1-2 as obligatory component, and sub-task 3 as optional)
  • Price offer

The most cost-efficient bid will be selected, based on the following criteria, with the maximum of 100 points to be granted:

  • The proven experience of the expert in the field of assessments for the quality of products and their added value (based on the assessment of the submitted CVs) = 20 points
  • The quality of the proposed methodology = 40 points
  • The price = 40 points

Deadline for submitting the bids for providing consultant services: 5 September 2018.

Please apply by e-mail to In case of any questions and clarifications, please contact project manager Inga Racinska at or +37167830999. When applying, please include the subject “GrassLIFE: expert application for A.6 study” in the e-mail.

Additional information: