Development of a nature management plan for the “Ledurga Arboretum” nature monument

Project passport
Project Duration
13.04.2015. - 30.06.2016.
Project Beneficiary
Latvian Fund for Nature
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Project Funding
Latvijas Vides aizsardzības fonds, Krimuldas novada pašvaldība
Project Location

Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, Krimulda Region Municipality

Project Manager
Lelde Eņģele
Project Co-ordinator
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+371 6783 0999, +371 2610 2617
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Vilandes Str. 3-7 Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
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The aim of the project is to develop a nature management plan for the specially protected nature site – nature monument “Ledurga Arboretum” in order to ensure protection of the arboretum and other nature values in the territory and to promote the usage of the territory for environmental education and recreation purposes.

Project Activities: 
  1. The development of a nature management plan, including the organization of needed meetings, informing and involving the land owners and institutions, preparation of the text and cartographic material for the plan, organization of public debates on the plan, coordination and submission of the plan to the Nature Conservation Agency.
  2. A dendrological survey of arboretum plants, an examination of the condition of trees, also a survey of species and habitats.
  3. The preparation of a geo database on the presence of protected species and habitats in the territory of the nature monument “Ledurga Arboretum” and submission of the database to the Nature Conservation Agency.

1. A dendrological survey of the nature monument has been carried out, a survey of habitats, plants, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds and bat species has also been carried out;

2. An inventory of the 280 oldest and most valuable trees from the dendrological point of view (a visual examination of the trees) in the nature monument territory has been carried out, the condition of the trees examined and recommendations for their care have been recommended;

3. The most urgent tasks needed to care for  the trees  have been carried out under the guidance of a dendrologist and landscape architect;

4. The first edition of the nature management plan has been developed.
Public debates on the nature protection plan are taking place and a geodatabase is being prepared.
20 May 2015. Informative meeting on the inception of the development of nature management plan. 
22 September 2015. Joint action for tree care work in the Ledurga arboretum under the guidance of a dendrologist and a landscape architect, and a supervisory group meeting on the development of the nature management plan.
12 April 2016. Practical workshop and tree care work under the guidance of an arborist and dendrologist, and a supervisory group meeting on the development of the nature management plan.
14 June 2016. A meeting for public debate of the nature management plan.