Game over? Don't let climate change end the game

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Project Beneficiary
Latvian Fund for Nature
Project Partners
Project Funding
EU DEAR programme, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, project partners
Project Location

8 states of the EU, incl. Latvia

Project Manager
Maija Ušča
Project Co-ordinator
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+371 67830999
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Vīlandes iela 3-7, Rīga, LV-1010
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The project ‘Game on! Don’t let climate change end the game’ is an initiative of a consortium of 10 partners from 8 Central and Eastern European countries to activate the global youth and react to the existential threat climate change represents for the future of humankind. The project has been made possible thanks to the co-financing of the Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) mechanism.

The Consortium strongly believes in the energized, strong will of younger generations to push forth for the urgent systemic change required to overcome the challenges posed by climate change. Thus, the project strives to activate this energy all across the region and the globe through a ‘gamification’ approach to initially tackle three core areas: Biodiversity Conservation, Adaptation and Mitigation, and Climate Justice.

Therefore, we have started developing different products — from geocaching games and board games to museum exhibitions and theater plays — to help raise awareness on the problems of and solutions to climate change, as well as to push the massive mobilization of people to demand and make the changes we need.

This is the Climate Game for our survival. We must win it.